Applying with outside (non-INED-iPOPs) funding

Applying to be hosted at INED as a PhD student with outside (non-INED-iPOPs) funding

This page updated 16 May 2016

Please send any questions you may have to

Doctoral students with a grant from an institution other than INED-iPOPs may apply at any time to be hosted at INED. Application assessment usually takes 4 to 6 weeks.

You may apply before you have received outside funding, but in that case you must secure that funding or grant before your acceptance at INED can become effective. If your application is accepted, INED can provide you with written certification of the Institute’s commitment to host you if you receive funding. You may need this certification for your grant application; we therefore suggest that you file your application for INED hosting at least 2 months before your grant application deadline.

Step 1: Read the application instructions

The application to be hosted at INED with outside funding is similar to the application for PhD student contracts funded by INED-iPOPs. Applicants and their mentors should carefully read the application instructions at, especially “Mandatory information and documents” to be included in your application file; “Charter for PhD students; and “INED Policy on Hosting PhD Students.”

Please note: The platform to be used by applicants with outside funding, called ALINE, is different from the platform for applications for INED-iPOPs-funded PhD studentships (called CELINE). Therefore, please USE LINKS ON THIS WEBPAGE ONLY (see Steps 2 and 3 below); DO NOT USE links on the “Call for Applications for a Doctoral Studentship” page.

Step 2: Creating your PhD student account

Open an account at https ://

Step 3: for PhD students: Filling out your application

PhD students fill out their application at

Please begin by providing the following information: last name, first name, and your choice of INED mentor (click on the “encadrement” tab for list of mentors). As soon as you have entered your INED mentor’s name, he/she will be able to access your application file.

Step 4: for INED mentors: Applicant’s INED mentor fills out and checks his/her application form and files the same form for applicant’s other mentor(s)

INED mentors are responsible for filing their form on the platform together with that/those of the student’s other mentor(s). They can consult the applicant’s file in full (except for applicant’s personal information) in order to help him/her complete it. Mentor forms are available here: ici.

Mentors use the same address as applicants to consult the application:

They use their complete INED address (including as their login.

Mentors will have received their password by email (it is the same password as the one used to access PhD and post-doc calls for applications). For a new password, click on “Forgot your password” (beneath the login window).

 Step 5: for PhD students: Submitting your application

When your application is ready, you need to send a message to to notify them that it is ready to be submitted for assessment by the INED-iPOPs committee.

This committee also assesses applications for an INED-iPOPs doctoral contract, but in your case, application assessment is non-competitive. Once again, you will be notified of the committee’s decision approximately 4 to 6 weeks after sending your application submission message to