Population Europe

Population Europe is a collaborative network founded in 2009 that brings together the leading demographic research centres of Europe. It has been supported by the European Commission since January 2010 and its headquarters are in Berlin.
It provides insights and information on population questions in Europe to policy makers, journalists, teachers, students and the general public.

The home page provides two modes of access to resources: via a Quick guide offering a choice of eight topics, or via the headings along the top banner.

The first heading, Library, provides access to:
PopDigests: short, comprehensive summaries of research results with a link to the original publication (if accessible online);
Glossary: definitions from a wide range of sources;
Policy Briefs: a synthesis of key research findings on policy-relevant population issues;
Books & Reports: a selection of recent publications;
Infoletter: letters and news bulletins from the various member organizations;
Statements: interviews and institutional declarations;
Link Catalogue: extensive catalogue of links.

Searches can be refined using a range of criteria: topic, category, country, date, etc.

The Multimedia heading provides access to teaching materials.

The Press heading takes journalist to relevant information sources: press releases on the latest publications, news bulletins describing recent research findings, profiles of expert demographers in different European countries.

The Study & Career pages provide information on academic courses in the field of demography dispensed by the various network partners, and to job offers.

The Data pages provide access to a selection of statistical resources available on the Internet, and the Events pages present a selection of conferences on population questions.

Last, the Partners and About us pages give more details about the network and its functioning.