Family co-residency in France: when two adult generations live together

The 2011 Famille et logements survey, linked to the French population census, studied the phenomenon of “intergenerational family co-residency”; that is, the situation of two generations of adults from the same family living under the same roof. A major question here is who moved in with whom. In some cases, parents are supporting an adult child by housing him or her; in others, one or both parents have come to live with an adult child. Cohabitation may also be a way for the two generations to pool their resources. Of the 360,000 persons questioned, nearly 8% aged 30 or over with at least one living parent lived with a parent.

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Health and ageing

With the number of older persons increasing, the question of how to care for them arises. Most persons in their nineties or older are in relatively poor health; they have functional and cognitive limitations or disabilities and multiple vulnerabilities. This means that calculating life expectancy does not suffice; healthy life expectancy must also be taken into account.

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