Causes of death 1950 - 1999

Causes of death in France from 1950 to 1999

In this database, causes of death are grouped under 240 headings based on the codes of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) such that their content remains practically identical, whatever the changes made to the classification. It provides series (numbers of deaths and mortality rates) by cause, by sex, and by five-year and ten-year age group. There are 170 detailed causes in total, of which 120 have existed since the 1950s and 50 since 1968 or 1979 (1983 for AIDS). They are aggregated and divided into 14 chapters, generally corresponding to the chapters of the ICD. A summary with the total of each chapter and for all causes is also included.

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Authors: Alfred Nizard (, Alain Monnier (
Produced by Sylvain Baudry

Updated by Tania Vichnevskaia