How many blended families are there in France?

Blended families are families in which an adult couple lives with one or several children of one but not the other couple member.

In 2018, 728,000 families in France were blended families--the equivalent of 9% of families with at least one child under age 18. On average, blended families have 2.4 children. 38% of blended families are large families, defined as families with three children or more living at home. Half of blended families include child(ren) of the current couple, and in those families the average number of children rises to 2.9.

In 2018, 13% of couples heading blended families in France were in civil unions, 43% were married, and 44% were living in an informal union.

Population: France except Mayotte, families with at least one child under 18.

Source: INSEE Première 1788, January 2020