What proportion of the homeless in France are women?

Two homeless persons in five are women. But among persons under 30 years there are almost as many homeless women as men (48%).

In 2012, women accounted for 38% of the 66,300 homeless French-speaking adults using the assistance services of cities with over 20,000 inhabitants in France. Homeless women are more often housed in hotel rooms or paid lodgings, with the rent paid by an association for example, and less often in collective shelters that are closed during the day.
There are 5% of women among the homeless persons who are without any shelter, who spend the night out of doors or in places not equipped for sleeping (tents, shacks, cars, parking lots, railroad stations, building entrances, drop-in spaces, etc.).

Source : Enquête sans domicile [Homeless survey] conducted in January and February 2012 by INSEE and INED