Is it true that women live longer than men?

Though improved health and hygiene have brought progress world-wide, women have enjoyed more positive benefits than men. The life expectancy gap between men and women widened in the industrialized countries up until the 1970s, reaching 8.2 years in France in the 1980s. Men tend to have more dangerous jobs, drink more alcohol, smoke more and have a higher risk of road accidents than women, and this partly explains the difference between the sexes. In the last few decades however, the gender gap has started to narrow, and life expectancy is now increasing faster for men than for women.

Selon le Bilan démographique 2016 de l’Insee, l’espérance de vie à la naissance en France est de 85,4 ans pour les femmes et 79,3 ans pour les hommes. L’écart d’espérance de vie entre hommes et femmes continue de se réduire : il était de 7,9 ans en 1996, de 7,1 ans en 2006 et de 6,1 ans en 2016.

Source : Insee, estimations de population et statistiques de l’état civil

Update : 06/21/2017