Is it true that women live longer than men?

Though the health of both men and women has greatly improved throughout the world, that progress has benefited women more than men. In industrialized countries the gap in life expectancy widened until the 1970s, reaching 8.2 years in France in the 1980s. Men’s lag was due in part to dangerous occupations, higher alcohol and tobacco consumption levels than women, and higher risk for road accidents. Men have also been found to consult doctors less regularly. However, in the last few decades, gaps have been narrowing again, to the point that life expectancy is now rising more quickly for men than women.

According to INSEE’s 2019 Demographic report, life expectancy at birth in France is 85.6 years for women and 79.7 for men. The gap has been narrowing continuously: it was 7.6 years in 1999, 6.7 in 2009, and 5.9 in 2019.

Population: France (except Mayotte) to 2014 and France including Mayotte from 2014 on. Provisional late 2019 data.

Source: INSEE, population estimates and civil registry statistics. 2019 demographics report.

Update : 06/8/2020