INED’s scientific collaboration with American research institutions

INED researchers have longstanding working relations with research institutions, statistics bureaus, and international organizations throughout the world, including of course the United States.

These scientific collaboration projects are set up by way of framework accords promoting joint research and training projects, knowledge sharing through researcher and student hosting, and joint organization of seminars and conferences. In 2015, for example, INED signed a framework agreement with the Population Studies Center of the University of Pennsylvania. In 2017 it signed framework agreements with Duke University’s Population Research Center in North Carolina and the University of California at Berkeley; another agreement is currently being drawn up with the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Every year INED researchers travel to the US—nearly 40 did so in 2018—to work on joint research projects, present conference papers, take part in workshops or deliver lectures. And INED regularly receives American researchers.

In 2019, two American researchers are being hosted at INED for their sabbatical year.

INED also works with the the Population Division of the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs, headquartered in New York.

Online: March 2019