Gender inequalities

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VIRAGE survey

In 2009, the taskforce for assessing French national policy for preventing and combating violence against women (Mission d’Evaluation de la Politique de Prévention et de Lutte contre les Violences faites aux Femmes), a body working under the aegis of/a commission of France’s National Assembly, recommended conducting a new survey on violence against women that would modelled be on the national survey on the same issue done in 2000 by the demographic institute of the Université Paris I (ENVEFF)


Excess mortality and hospitalizations of transitional-age youth with a long-term disease in France

The authors of “Excess mortality and hospitalizations in transitional-age youths with a long-term disease (LTD): A national population-based cohort study”, sought to estimate the prevalence in France of 14-21- year-olds (the age bracket corresponding to the transition from adolescence to adulthood) who have severe chronic diseases and to assess their mortality and hospitalization risks relative to the same age bracket in the population at large.