World migrations, Discrimination, Integration

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International Migrations

How are immigrants distributed across the globe? In which countries are they most numerous? This tool provides access to the latest United Nations statistics for 230 countries of the world. Via maps or country lists, select your indicator to view: Immigrant populations in numbers or as a percentage of the total population (immigrant stocks) Annual migratory growth in numbers or per 1,000 population (immigrant flows) Total annual population growth (births + migration) in numbers or per 1,000 population


The ‘Healthy Immigrant Effect’: the role of educational selectivity

Public interest in migration has intensified in recent times, and restrictive policies are gaining increasing political support. These are often based on misconceptions, such as migrants being responsible for spreading diseases and costing too much to the healthcare system. In fact, Mathieu Ichou and Matthew Wallace show that in France, as elsewhere, immigrants (especially those from poor and distant countries) are selected, and enjoy better heath than natives. To begin with, at least.