Campus Condorcet Paris Aubervilliers

As one of the founding institutions, INED is actively involved in the development of Campus Condorcet Paris-Aubervilliers, the future human and social science research hub now under construction at the gates of the French capital.

The project

The Campus Condorcet, launched by the French state in 2008, will be major European and international research and training hub in four broad areas: the historical sciences, textual sciences, territorial sciences, and social sciences. It will receive a total of 18,000 teacher-researchers, undergraduate, graduate and PhD students, and administrative staff on two sites totaling nearly 18.3 acres, one in Aubervilliers, just north of Paris, and the other at Porte de la Chapelle in Paris. 

INED will move to the Aubervilliers site, alongside the new comprehensive documentation center, a project incubator center, a conference center and accomodation for guest researchers.

INED’s new building under construction © INED, June 2018.

The other founding members

The Grand Équipement Documentaire (GED) documentation center

cc Elizabeth de Portzamparc/C.R. Ile de France, 2014

Campus Condorcet will have a comprehensive documentation center endowed by the founding institutions with a collection of 1 million volumes representing 50 libraries, documentation centers and archives. Nearly 80% of center materials will be on open access. The GED has 1400 seats, approximately 40 study rooms, and will offer be accessible 24/7.

The Institut Convergences

Campus Condorcet will also be home from 2019 to a special center for the study of migrations called the Institut Convergences, selected in 2017 by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in a call for projects process. Institut Convergences will be headed by the CNRS, and its activities will include multi-theme research and interdisciplinary training in migration studies.  

Campus Condorcet conferences


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