INED’s new building

From right to left, the hôtel à projets,INED building and the Research building

INED’s new headquarters will be part of the Aubervilliers international research and training hub located at the terminus of the Paris metro’s Line 12. The seven-storey building will be positioned at the centre of the Cours des Humanités, the Campus’s north-south axis. Traffic there will be limited to pedestrians and bicycles. 

One of the major stages in readying INED for the move to Campus Condorcet is of course to allocate offices in the new building to the Institute’s research units, service departments, and directorate. In 2017, the Institute’s in-house moving committee put forward three options for dividing the workspace. The proposal selected by the INED directorate was then presented to staff, and a micro-zoning process is now under way.

INED reception hall