Progress on the construction site

Summer 2018—Phase 1 structural works moving toward completion

The Campus is rising from the ground. The land has been leveled and the Aubervilliers site buildings are now visible from afar. The storeys rise one after the other, higher each week. The second floor of INED’s building is taking shape. The façades are empty for the moment but the glazing will give the building a distinctly light and airy look.

Construction is on schedule. Phase 1 structural works—the INED building, conference center, guest researchers’ residence, project center, northern and southern research buildings, student residences and the space reserved for associations—will be completed by summer’s end.

Fall 2017: the first cranes appear on the horizon

Construction begins. By Fall 2017, land consolidation operations were complete and the excavators began digging out the foundations of the future buildings. The first cranes rose in the sky over Aubervilliers.

From March to September 2017, the Botte company, under the management of Geolia and Sérendicité, consolidated the gypsum-laden soil on the Aubervilliers site.  

Over the summer, the Grand Paris Aménagement public construction company leveled and depolluted the site for the future comprehensive documentation center and research building of the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. Sérendicité, meanwhile, was in charge of leveling and installing utilities on the rest of the lot.

Then the building foundations were laid, including those of the INED building, among the first to rise up.

And the cranes arrived. By the end of 2017/2018, the walls of the sectors under Sérendicité management—the structural works—were/will be in place.

Campus Condorcet has set up a time-lapse photography system around the Aubervilliers site for viewing daily construction progress.