The project

As research becomes global, major scientific programmes more competitive, and with increasing demand for human and social science expertise that will guide decision-makers and help the general public understand the world better, the eleven founding members of Campus Condorcet – also known as the City of Human and Social Sciences – aim to respond collectively to the educational, scientific, and digital challenges of the twenty-first century.

Constructed on two sites – one at the Porte de la Chapelle in Paris, the other just outside Paris in Aubervilliers – the Campus will occupy 18.4 acres and ultimately receive 8,100 students, 4,800 PhD students, some from outside France, 4,200 teacher-researchers, 900 administrative staff, and 100 research students, for a total of nearly 18,000 people. The quality and diversity of its scientific workforce will generate top-level European- and international-scale research groups in the areas of historical, textual, territorial, and social sciences as well as a French, European, and international hub of human and social sciences graduate schools.

The Aubervilliers international research and training centre plans to build 160,000 m2 on a 6.4 hectare site. The site will include buildings to accommodate the research units of the founding members, as well as the headquarters of several of them, the large documentary equipment, a project hotel, a conference centre, a researchers’ house, catering areas, sports facilities and 450 student housing.

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Vivre l’espace. Le local et le global
La globalisation est devenue en quelques décennies le fait majeur de notre espace de vie contemporain. Le monde « global » se caractérise par la domination croissante d’un marché universel unique, des moyens de communication illimités, l’uniformisation des normes et des valeurs.