Support for demography researcher mobility

INED supports researchers’ international mobility as a tool for training and cooperation that works to develop new research paths and methods.

As an internationally recognized centre of excellence, INED hosts researchers and doctoral students from abroad. The Institute also arranges for its researchers to work abroad, thereby providing support to projects in other countries and developing their skills.

The Visiting Scholars Programme

INED hosts foreign scholars for periods ranging from two weeks to 12 months. Visiting researchers may receive financial aid to cover the expenses involved in settling temporarily in Paris. Their stays are organized in collaboration with INED researchers, who provide scientific tutoring.
In 2013, the Direction des Relations Internationales et des Partenariats arranged for INED to host 76 researchers for an average stay of 35 days.

Outgoing programme (for French researchers)

Since 2011, INED has been making financial aid available for INED researchers, post-doctoral fellows and doctoral students wishing to do research abroad; another financial aid program has been designed for doctoral students from iPOPs Labex partner institutions. These programmes aim to facilitate medium-length research stays (from one to four months).