Pascale Obame, HR project manager

Pascale Obame is working at INED’s Human Resources department as an HR project manager.

(Interview conducted in November 2021)

What path brought you to INED?

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I first worked as a Human Resources legal specialist in one of France’s overseas territories, after which I became a career management counselor at the Centre National de Gestion. I then headed the collective management office that organizes and implements collective programs for Sorbonne University personnel and workers. I arrived at INED in November 2019.

What is your role at INED?

A large part of my work concerns hiring. I coordinate competitive examinations for researcher, assistant, and technician positions at the Institute and support other team members in hiring contractual workers.

While most of my job today is to manage recruitment exams, I am also working with INED’s Secretary-GeneralVincent Benavent on a long-term project to obtain EU Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) accreditation, which certifies that European Union policies and practices figure in an institution’s HR strategy for researchers. The HRS4R-certified strategy, already applied by a considerable number of research organizations and institutes, is part of a continuing dynamic that will also improve personnel working conditions across the board.

What would you say is specific about INED? And what do you appreciate most at the Institute?

INED’s multidisciplinarity is greatly enriching, as is its internationalism—its hosting of researchers from universities and centers outside France—and the wide range and diversity of INED research topics. 
Working at INED has given me the opportunity to learn about demography research findings; this is highly instructive, especially given that many studies focus on current issues. 
Moreover, the Institute’s location on Campus Condorcet, a campus dedicated to the humanities and social sciences, makes it relatively easy to exchange with other member institutions on the site. 
I like the fact that INED is a human-scale structure; it facilitates interactions among colleagues from various departments and research units. I was also attracted by the transversal projects the job offers.