Campus Condorcet Paris Aubervilliers

As one of the ten founding institutions, INED is actively involved in the development of Campus Condorcet Paris-Aubervilliers, the future human and social science research hub now under construction at the gates of the French capital.

The move to Campus Condorcet

Members of the ten founding institutions of Campus Condorcet came together in mid-November on the Campus Aubervilliers site to learn more about the future Cité des Humanités et des Sciences Sociales. The programme included an exhibition visit, a roundtable discussion, and meeting with architects, teams and future users.

Campus Condorcet, destined to become one of Europe’s main humanities and social science research and training centres, is a project carried out by a public scientific cooperation group of institutions (Etablissement Public de Coopération Scientifique or EPCS). Ultimately, the Campus will receive 18,000 people on two sites: Paris-La Chapelle inside the city and Aubervilliers just outside it. INED will be moving to the Aubervilliers site in the first wave, in 2019. In the meantime, Institute researchers are playing an active role in the Campus Condorcet lecture series and work seminars and in setting up research workshops.

Construction partnership contract signed

On 15 March 2016, Jean-Claude Waquet, president of the Campus Condorcet EPCS, announced the name of the corporation partner that will design and construct approximately 50,000 square meters of buildings on the Aubervilliers site.

The contract was awarded to the Sérendicité group, composed of GTM Bâtiment (a subsidiary of VINCI Construction France), 3i Infrastructure and ENGIE Cofely. The group will be developing INED headquarters as well as research and training facilities for the founding members, a conference centre, a residence house for guest researchers, an interdisciplinary project centre, campus support facilities, and 450 units of student housing. 

INED’s future headquarters in Aubervilliers

cc Mir, Campus Condorcet, 2015

INED will be moving to the Aubervilliers site, much the larger of the two (6.5 hectares) and entirely dedicated to research. The Institute will be located at the centre of the Cours des Humanités, the Campus’s main, backbone avenue, on which the founding members will have their headquarters.

The GED – Grand Equipement Documentaire research library facility

cc Elizabeth de Portzamparc/C.R. Ile de France, 2014

The Grand Equipement Documentaire—a fully twenty-first century research library facility—is at the heart of the Campus Condorcet project. It will bring together document and archive collections from 50 libraries and documentation centres, amounting to approximately 1 million volumes, most of which will be on open access. A wide range of digital material and related value-added services will also be available.

The other founding members

Campus Condorcet conferences


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