Healthy life expectancy in Europe

Press release Published on 11 April 2013

Population & Societies n° 499, April 2013

The national Institute of demographic studies will present, in a press briefing Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 9:15, the study entitled ’The expectations of life in good health of Europeans’.

On the occasion of the second annual meeting of Action joint European expectations of life in good health (EHLEIS), organized in Paris this Thursday, April 18, 2013, the Population & Societies journal publishes a first synthesis of life expectancies and expectations of health calculated annually to the Union European and each of its Member since 2005. This integrated synthesis to the amount of years lived, measured by the life expectancy at age 65, three dimensions of health: functional status, chronic health problems and the self-perception of health, to qualify the years lived in three different ways.

What is the life expectancy in the Union of 27? How much is lived without activity limitations? How much is lived without chronic health problem or good perceived health? What is the magnitude of the differences between the Member States for each of these dimensions. Finally the gender gaps vary depending on States and the indicators examined, life expectancies or expectations of health.


Jean Marie Robine, researcher at Inserm/associate researcher at Ined and Emmanuelle Cambois, reseacher at Ined will present these latest results.


Released on  17/04/2013