Older people’s feelings of isolation
and low morale during the COVID-19 crisis

Press release Published on 16 May 2022

Authors: Laurent Nowik and Raphaël Dhuot

In France, the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns greatly affected nursing home residents, but what do we know about retirees living at home? Analysing the CONSOL2 survey conducted in April–May 2021 by the national pension fund, Laurent Nowik and Raphaël Dhuot describe pensioner’s difficulties and lack of moral or emotional support that some of them have expressed, particularly those living alone.

Isolated and restricted in their social relations and activities during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than half of pensioners under the general pension scheme reported a decline in their mental well-being following the outbreak and lockdowns. For those stating they had needed help, moral or emotional support came first. Those living alone felt the consequences of health policies more so than those living with a partner. Individuals’ mental well-being also differed by sex, health status, economic level, and age. Those having the worst experience of lockdown were among the youngest pensioners and those living alone.

Published on:18/05/2022