Children’s experience of the first lockdown in France

Population and Societies

585, January 2021

During the first COVID-19 lockdown in France in the spring of 2020, schools were closed and all activities outside the  home were suspended. Primary school children who found themselves confined to their homes adapted quite well  to the change. They continued with their schoolwork and took advantage of their freedom to spend more time on daily activities. But for parents with low socio-economic status, the lockdown placed strain on family relationships, increased the children’s screen time, disrupted their sleep and their psychological well-being, and made schoolwork more problematic. For children and adults alike, the lockdown produced an increase in inequalities likely to worsen over the medium term.

Xavier Thierry

  • Bertrand Geay

Ariane Pailhé

  • Nathalie Berthomier
  • Jérome Camus
  • Nicolas Cauchi-Duval

Jean-Louis Lanoë

  • Sylvie Octobre
  • Julie Pagis

Lidia Panico

  • Thierry Siméon

Anne Solaz

  • l’équipe SAPRIS

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