2023 Call for doctoral applications

Annual campaign

 >> The 2023 Call is now open. You may find information on how to apply to one of our 3 doctoral contracts below. << 

Campaign timeline :

Opening date of the call : March 14th 2023

Closing date of the call : Mai 19th 2023

Publication date of results and letters to candidates : July 2023 

Contract begins : October 1st 2023


INED and the iPOPS research centers are recruting :

INED is recruiting 3 doctoral students on three-year contracts. The contracts start on October 1st 2023 (subject to validation of the Master’s degree). The contract may start at another date, between September 1st 2023 and January 1st 2024 at the applicant’s request and subject to the supervisors’ approval. 

The selected doctoral students will be hosted at INED (Aubervilliers, France) and will work under a salaried contract. They will conduct their research at one of INED’s research units and will participate in its scientific activities. They may also be hosted in a second unit outside INED. They will benefit from the services provided to support  INED’s researchers.

The proposed research project must tie in with Ined’s scientific projectD (see the strategic orientations).

Eligibility conditions :

The applicant must fulfil the following three criteria : 

  • Applicants must hold, or complete during the current academic year (2022-2023), a Master’s degree (M2) or equivalent in a discipline related to the population sciences and qualifying them for admission to a PhD programme in a French or foreign university.
  • Applicants must be enrolled (first enrollment) in a doctoral programme in a French or foreign university for the academic year 2023-2024.
  • The thesis director or the co-director of the thesis must be a researcher of INED. Candidates are called upon to directly solicit a researcher from INED in relation to their research theme.

There are no criteria in terms of age or nationality.


How to apply ?

1.       Read the accompanying documents :

2023 call for post-doctoral applications
2023 INED mentor’s list 
Charter for PhD students
Signed declaration (to deposit with your signature on the platform)

2.       Create a user account at the following address: 

3.       Required from the Ined supervisor : 

Make sure of the submission of supervisor’s forms (before May 19th 2023 at noon, Paris time) (a link dedicated platform was send by email when the call was launched