Migrants and their Movements - MigMov

This project extends and develops the collective efforts of the International Migrations and Minorities Research Unit to explore the diversity, complexity and variability of international migration, debunking the simplistic idea of unilateral flows of permanent migrants moving from poor to rich countries. Various analyses will be developed around the measurement of migration in its various forms: past and present migration flows; inflows (i.e. immigration) but also outflows (i.e. emigration) of migrants; temporary migration; circular migration. Research efforts will focus on the place and role of international migration in individual biographical trajectories. Particular attention will be paid to the selectivity of international migration, by comparing the social characteristics of migrants and non- migrants in their country of origin. Emigration trajectories, including student mobility but also remigrations - including return migration of migrants to their country of birth - will be studied in detail. Finally, the consequences of migration on non- migrant relatives will constitute a major subject of study, for example the situation of families whose members may live in several places. The idea is to emphasize the dynamic dimension of these transnational families, highlighting exchanges and flows between the origin and destination societies; the blending of families; family trajectories through several countries beyond a simple binary origin/destination dimension; etc. External funding related to this research axis: - MAFE Project https://mafeproject.site.ined.fr/en/ - TEMPER Project http://www.temperproject.eu/