Chinese Immigrants in the Paris Region-ChIPRe

France records among the fastest rate of growth of the population of Chinese origin in EU countries. However, there is a relative invisibility of Chinese immigrants in France in social scientific research and statistics that contrasts with the fast increase of this population. This project focuses on Chinese immigrants in Paris and its region. It implements an innovative network-based sampling methodology (Network Sampling with Memory) to
1) Address the lack of quantitative data on Chinese in France;
2) Capture the heterogeneity of this group of immigrants (region of origin in China, socioeconomic characteristics);
) Explore cross-province ties and ties with natives, and the role of networks in job search process and social mobility of newcomers;
4) To est the existence of this “selective assimilation” pattern for the population of Chinese origin in Paris and its region;
5) Explore the determinants of the intra/extra community closure in relation to discrimination experience or (self)segregation.