Microsimulation, simulation and social policy

This research project covers several different projects that all use the same type of methodology: micro-simulation, or simulation at a disaggregated or individual level.
Several of these components are linked to what has proved a particularly salient phenomenon today, i.e., population ageing; specifically its effects on population structure and health and the demands for assistance and social programmes it engenders.

The project also
--simulates families and kinship networks: How are changes in demographic components changing kinship networks?
How many potential caregivers can one dependent person mobilize? Given that the life partner is the main caregiver, how has conjugal isolation evolved and how will it continue to do so? What are the possible effects of socio-economic difference on the demographic components and size of kinship networks?
--simulates health situations and their social impacts:
Assessing the impact of changes in risk factors and the costs associated with different health and ageing trajectories for particular generations in Australia (Dynamic Analyses to Optimise Ageing or DYNOPTA project).

List of participants