Practices in public space: at the intersection of identity issues and power relations

The general aim of this project is to produce interdisciplinary perspectives on fieldwork studies conducted in a variety of contexts in order to improve our understanding of uses of public space and the issues involved in those uses and practices. The project is driven by several questions:

-How is what we call “public” space constructed/designed?
-What do uses and non-uses of public space in differentiated urban and cultural contexts reveal about individual identities and power relations within a given society?
-What institutional and informal actors intervene in and shape uses of and practices in public space?

Ce projet fonctionne sous forme d'atelier de recherche.

L’objectif est de faire dialoguer des chercheurs de différentes disciplines travaillant sur cette question de l’espace public, avec des thématiques, des approches et dans des contextes extrêmement variés.

Ce projet a une dimension internationale

- données d'enquêtes quantitatives (PEE, Virage)
- méthodes qualitatives : obsevations participantes, parcours commentés, entretiens, photos, films.

List of participants