Centre population et développement CEPED (INED-IRD-Paris Descartes joint research unit) [UR02]

The CEPED Joint Research Unit, attached to the post-graduate school of Université Paris Descartes, employs a team of researchers and administrative staff from Paris Descartes, INED and IRD. In October 2008, the team of 26 comprised 8 university academics, 12 researchers (INED or IRD) and 6 administrative staff. A further 36 associate researchers and 27 PhD students also contribute to the work of CEPED. In the field of fundamental research, the role of CEPED is to promote an original theoretical approach to the relations between population and development, based on concepts, analyses and methodologies that break away from the traditional paradigm of demographic transition. It focuses on the theory of change and of response, more suited to the specific challenges of developing countries. CEPED runs an MSc course in Population and Development at Université Paris Descartes. It also provides support to Southern universities in the development of under-graduate and post-graduate degree programmes, at MSc level in particular. CEPED is structured around three thematic research teams, a research support office and an international advisory committee.

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