Khaoula Ben Messaoud

Phd Student
Secretariat : Marie-Laure Trudel 33(0) 1 56 06 22 82

Research field(s)

Public Health/ Reproductive Health/ Epidemiology/

Thesis supervisor: Elise de La Rochebrochard

PhD Suject:Infertility treatments with hormonal stimulation: an important public health challenge investigate with French Health Insurance data in the Constances cohort and EGB

Summary: The feats achieved by assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) attract media attention and ARTs dominate the scientific and political agenda on infertility. But who is aware that they are in fact only the tip of the iceberg, as a second-line treatment for infertility? The first-line treatment, hormonal stimulation, has a much larger public health impact but so far the lack of information sources has prevented research on this topic. Nowadays, in France and elsewhere, we have nearly no information on the first-line treatment of infertility. Taking advantage of the unique French Health Insurance databases that are becoming available through large research infrastructures (in particular the Constances cohort and EGB), the doctoral work will aim to explore the epidemiology of hormonal stimulation treatments. Based on statistical analyses and models, three research questions will be tackled: (1) How many women are treated with hormonal stimulation in France? (2) What are the outcomes of hormonal stimulation treatments? (3) What are the care pathways of women treated by hormonal stimulation?

Academic institution: Paris-Sud University

Teaching activities, other functions, titles

Teaching Assistant in epidemiology, Master in Public Health, Paris Sud University