Angéline Escafré-Dublet Researcher website
Secretariat : Christine Gonzalez +33 (0)1 56 06 20 17

Research field(s)

Immigration, history, multiculturalism, ethnic
relations, cultural policies, cultural participation of immigrants and
ethnic minorities, comparative
perspective (Europe, North America)

Some publications

Escafré-Dublet, Angéline et Hamidi, Camille (2022) "From victims to culprits? The reshaping of local antidiscrimination policy in France », Ethnic and racial studies, (published online 01/09/2022).

Escafré-Dublet, Angéline, Kesztenbaum, Lionel and Simon Patrick (2020) « When French Muslims were counted in the census » Population and societies, 583.

Escafré-Dublet, Angéline et Lelévrier, Christine (2019) « Governing Diversity without naming it: An analysis of neighbourhood policies in Paris”, European Urban and Regional Studies, volume 26 (3), pp.283- 296.

Escafré-Dublet, Angéline (2019) « The Whiteness of Cultural Boundaries in France » Identities, volume 26(5), pp.563-78.

Kastoryano, Riva and Escafré-Dublet, Angéline (2016)"Identity, Culture and Politics: The Other and the Self in France » in Robert Elgie, Emiliano Grossman, and Amy G. Mazur (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of French Politics, Oxford, Oxfrod University Press, 2016.

Escafré-Dublet, Angéline (2013) « Aid, Activism and the State in Post-War France: AMANA, a Charity Organisation for Colonial Migrants (1945–1962) », Journal of Modern European History, vol.12, n.2, p. 247-261.

Escafré-Dublet, Angéline et Simon, Patrick (2011)« Ethnic Statistics in Europe: The Paradox of Colour-blindness » in Meer, N., Modood, T., Triandafyllidou, A., European Multiculturalisms: Cultural, Religious and Ethnic Challenges, University of Edinburgh Press, pp. 213-237