Julie Fromentin

Postdoc associate
Secretariat : Geraldine Sheik Adam +33(0)1 56 06 57 37

Research field(s)

THESIS : Singular paths, plural countryside. The spatial embedding of migrants in low density areas of metropolitan France.

Supervisors : France Guérin-Pace (Paris 1, INED) et Christophe Imbert (PR U. of Rouen, IDEES)

Abstract: An essential and long-lasting component of French society, migrant populations have been growing in number in the countryside and cities since the 1970s. While most works on residential migration to the countryside and on the geographical paths of migrants rarely foreground rural and suburban settlements, this dissertation focuses specifically on the spatial settling of migrants in low density areas of metropolitan France. This project aims to understand the articulation of the increasing variety of migrants’ individual paths, and their settling in spaces undergoing deep changes. Using statistical analysis of census data (1968-2015) and a biographical study (Histoire de Vie, Insee, 2003), this project recounts the development of the geography of migrants in low density areas in the last fifty years. This dissertation uncovers a multilayered process by which migrant populations have become less concentrated in the countryside. This process is characterized in part by the emergence of new destinations for migration in Western France, and by the rise in internal migrations towards the outer periphery of large urban centers since the 2000s. This spatial dynamic is often accompanied by the diversifying social profiles of migrants in low density areas. In the context of the globalization of the countryside, these processes can in some cases lead to the development of a rural cosmopolitanism. Therefore, this dissertation provides a lens that decenters urban areas in our analysis of immigration in France, while adding to our knowledge of the social diversity of France’s countryside.

Some publications


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