Mamaye Idriss

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Research field(s)

- Gender Violence
- Female mobility and identity building
- Masculinity, femininity and sexuality in colonial and post-colonial contexts
- Family Biographies
- Gender, Education et New Feminin Models

More information about his·her Research

Gender and violence, inequalities, social relations

Some publications

« Heroization of the Chatouilleuses: memory competitions and production of a restorative memory in Mayotte » , Africa Notebook, directed by Odile Goerg, special issue on the knots of history: obstacles or support points (forthcoming)

« Genealogy of feminisms in Mayotte (1966-2018) », Journal of Women’s History, Johns Hopkins University Press. Special edition « Black Feminisms and Activism in the (Post)imperial French Context / Histories, Challenges, and Perspectives » directed by Jennifer Anne Boittin et Jacqueline Couti. (forthcoming)

« "Flower necklaces for men… and for women!" The integration of women in the new institutions of Mayotte (1976-2018) », Carnets de Recherches de l’océan Indien, n° 5, 2020, pp. 81-99.

« Failure of the unionist and independence movements in Mayotte: from their formation to their negation (1958-2011)") », Movements, n ° 91, pp. 160-168.

« The Tickling Movement: gender and violence in political action in Mayotte (1966-1976) ) », Le Mouvement Social, The Social Movement, African Women and Collective Mobilizations (1940-1970), directed by Emmanuelle Bouilly and Ophélie Rillon, n ° 255, pp. 57-70.

("Mayotte department ", the end of a fight? Speeches and political practices in Mayotte. The Mahoran People's Movement: Between Opposition and Francophilia (1958-1976) "), Afrique contemporaine, n° 247, pp. 119-135.

(avec Mihary Jaofeno) « Fragments of the lives of women teachers in Mayotte: school peregrination and new female models in the south-west Indian Ocean at the beginning of the 20th century until the 1950s and 1960s in Ellen Vea Rosnes and Co, Narratives of education in times of colonization and decolonization in Africa, (1920s - 1970s), Brill’s. (à paraître)

Teaching activities, other functions, titles

- Urban Dynamics and Land Practices
- History of mobilizations and social struggles in the Comoros / Mayotte in the 19th-21st century
- Slave Memories
- Gender and Commimtment Sociology