Benjamin Marteau

PhD Student
Secretariat : Sorya Le Forestier +33(0)1 56 06 20 09

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Thesis (Provisional title):

"First Separation as a Stage of the Transition
to Adulthood in Belgium and

Directeurs de thèse : Thierry Eggerickx
(Université Catholique de Louvain), Laurent
Toulemon (Ined)

Summary : Union dissolution are determining
factors in life trajectories. It affects the
economic conditions and well-being of separated
people. Since the 1970s,
the number of separations has dramatically
increased in Western countries.
Within youth, the first separation contributes
to the delay of the entry into
adulthood. It also strengthens the growing
diversification of professional,
residential and family-life trajectories. First
separation becomes a frequent
stage in the life of a young adult. In
demographic and sociological research,
the factors and effects of these separations on
early adulthood are largely
under-explored and poorly documented.
This project analyses the place of the first
coresidential partnership
dissolution among all the demographic events of
transitions to adulthood in
France and Belgium, since the end of the 20th
century. Longitudinal
administrative and survey data are used to
reconstruct youth life
trajectories, to identify the separation and
analyze its mechanisms. This
study is based on the coupling of Belgian
Register and censuses, as well as
the French Permanent Demographic Sample, in
addition with the “European
Statistics on Income and Living Conditions”
(EU-SILC) and the French
“Etude des Parcours Individuels et Conjugaux”
(Epic) survey. Event history
analysis and sequence analysis are used to
determine whether the first
separations result mainly from short unions,
without marital or parental
commitment. The results will be distinguished
at the individual level by
gender and social class. The implications of
these separations on
residential mobility, the housing market and
parental financial assistance for
young people will then be explored.

Doctoral school : École
doctorale des sciences politiques et sociales,
Université Catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain)

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Conjugal relationships and trajectories


Some publications

Marteau Benjamin. (2019). « La séparation chez les couples corésidents de même sexe et de sexe différent », Population, 74(4), pp. 521-549.
Marteau Benjamin. (2019). « Separation among cohabiting same-sex and different-sex couples », E-Population, 74(4), pp. 483-506.

Toulemon Laurent, Durier Sébastien, Marteau Benjamin. (2020). « Estimation des doubles comptes statistiques au recensement à partir de l’Échantillon démographique permanent », Insee Méthodes n°136 : La qualité des estimations de population dans le recensement, pp. 52-65.

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- Membre du comité organisateur de la Journée
Doctorale de l'Ined 2017
- Membre du comité organisateur de l'AIDELF 2018
- Représentant des doctorant.e.s 2017-2019