Bruno Masquelier

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Secretariat : Nicoleta-Adriana Banta 33(0) 1 56 06 21 57

Research field(s)

Estimation of adult and maternal mortality in
countries with deficient demographic data.
Microsimulation of kinship networks and familial
Data quality issues in surveys and censuses.

Some publications

Masquelier, Bruno ; Eaton, Jeffrey W. ; Gerland, Patrick ; Pelletier, François ; Mutai, Kennedy K.. Age patterns and sex ratios of adult mortality in countries with high HIV prevalence. In: AIDS, Vol. 31, no.(), p. S77-S85 (2017)

Tabutin, Dominique ; Masquelier, Bruno. Tendances et inégalités de mortalité de 1990 à 2015 dans les pays à revenu faible et intermédiaire. In: Population, Vol. 72, no.2, p. 227-238 (2017)

Masquelier B., Waltisperger D., Ralijaona, O., Pison, G., Ravélo, A. (2014) "The epidemiological transition in Antananarivo, Madagascar: an assessment based on death registers (1900–2012)", Global Health Action, Vol. 7, no.23237, p. 1-12

Masquelier, B., Reniers, G., Pison, G. (2014), Divergences in trends in child and adult mortality in sub-Saharan Africa: Survey evidence on the survival of children and siblings. Population studies, Vol. 68, no. 2, p. 161-177

Masquelier B., (2013), "Adult Mortality From Sibling Survival Data: a Reappraisal of Selection Biases", Demography, 50, 1, 207- 208

Reniers G., Masquelier B. et Gerland P., 2011, "Adult Mortality in Africa", dans International Handbook of Adult Mortality, Rogers R. & Crimmins E. (eds), Springer, pp. 151-170