Yolinliztli Pérez-Hernandez

Phd student
Secretariat : Marie-Laure Trudel 33(0) 1 56 06 22 82

Research field(s)

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) encompass the right of all individuals to make decisions concerning their sexual activity and reproduction free from discrimination, coercion, and

Thesis topic summary:
This socio-anthropology study focuses on "oocyte self-preservation", a new biomedical practice of freezing one's own oocytes for later use. The research aims to document, analyze and compare the
experiences of women who resort to vitrification (ultra rapid freezing) oocyte for societal reasons (when the woman has no plan for immediate maternity), for so-called medical reasons (when the woman
has an illness or medical treatment that endangers her fertility) and as part of a donation (a practice here called "shared donation"). Studying the three cases allows us to compare their life
trajectories, their expectations regarding the maternal and family project and their representations of oocytes, as well as their experiences vis-à-vis legal norms, administrative procedures, speeches
and practices' doctors. The survey also targets the documentation and analysis of the speeches and practices of physicians, biologists and technicians in relation to the technique and its uses.