Patrick Simon

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Research field(s)

Immigration, discrimination, ethnic and racial studies, ethno-racial classification in statistics, social and ethnic division of space.

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Patrick Simon tells us about the question of discrimination

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Some publications

Bonifazi C., Okolski M., Schoorl J. et Simon P. (Ed) International Migrations in Europe : New trends, new methods of analysis, IMISCOE series, Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam Press, 2008.

Simon P. and Piché V. (2012) “Accounting for ethnic and racial diversity: the challenge of enumeration”, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 35:8, p.1357-1365.

Simon P. (2008) « The choice of ignorance: the debate on ethnic and racial statistics in France », French Politics, Culture & Society, 26-1, p.7-31.

Alba R., Reitz J. et Simon P. (2012) « National conceptions of assimilation, integration and cohesion », in Crul M. and Mollenkopf J. (Ed.) The changing face of world cities: Young adult children of immigrant in Europe and the United States, New York, Russell Sage Foundation, p.44-61.

Beauchemin C., Hamel C. et Simon P. (Dir) (2010) Trajectoires et Origines. Enquête sur la diversité des populations en France. Premiers résultats, Paris, INED, Documents de Travail n°168.

Escafré-Dublet A. et Simon P. (2009) “Représenter la diversité en politique : une reformulation de la dialectique de la différence et de l’égalité par la doxa républicaine », Raisons Politiques, 35, p. 127-144.

Simon P. (2004)Gentrification of Old Neighbourhoods and Social Integration in Europe, in Cities of Europe, Y.Kazepov (Ed.), London, Blackwell, p.210- 232.

Teaching activities, other functions, titles

Fellow researcher at the Center for European Studies (CEE, Sciences Po)
Lecturer in Political Sociology at Sciences Po.
Member of the editorial committee of the Journals
Sociétés Contemporaines and Ethnic and Racial Studies.
Member of the Scientific Council of the Fundamental Rights Agency (European Commission).