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Men’s and women’s participation in household and parenting tasks

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Some publications

Bellido Héctor, Molina José Alberto, Solaz Anne, Stancanelli Elena, 2016, "Do children of the first marriage deter divorce?" Economic Modeling 55, p 15-31.

Solaz A., Wolff F-C. 2015, “Intergenerational Correlation of Domestic Work: Does Gender Matter?” Annals of Economics and Statistics Annales d’Economie et de Statistique. 117 / 118, June, p. 159-184.

Joseph O., Pailhé A. ,Recotillet I. , Solaz A., 2013 "The economic impact of taking short parental leave: evaluation of a French reform " , Labour Economics, 25, 63-75 (à paraître en Décembre)

BEAUJOUAN E., SOLAZ A. 2013 "Racing againts the biological clock? Childbearing and sterility among men and women in second unions in France ", European Journal of Population, February , Volume 29, issue 1, pp 39-67.

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Editor in chief of Population revue

Scientific supervisor of the research project Vieillir à deux (ANR)

Visiting scholar Cambridge University 2015-2016

Organizer of the conference of the European

Network for the sociological and demographic

Study of Divorce, 2014 Paris

Supervisor of the "Famille et Employeur" survey 2004-2005