Anne Solaz

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Research field(s)

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Family economics & labour economics

* Divorce, separation, child custody
* Gender inequalities on the labour market
* Housework division of work
* Chidlhood inequalities
* Family Policy,

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Men’s and women’s participation in household and parenting tasks

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Some publications

Beaujouan E. Solaz A. (2022), "Polarized adult fertility patterns following early parental death", Population Studies, , Population Studies, DOI: 10.1080/00324728.2022.2069848.

Berger, L. M., Ferrari, G., Leturcq, M., Panico, L., & Solaz, A. (2021). COVID-19 lockdowns and demographically-relevant Google Trends: A cross-national analysis. PloS one, 16(3), e0248072.

Bonnet C., Garbinti B., Solaz A. 2020, The Flip Side of Marital Specialization: The Gendered Effect of Divorce on Living Standard and Labor Supply, Forthcoming in Journal of Population Economics. 

Berger L.M., Panico L., Solaz A, (2021), The Impact of Center-Based Childcare Attendance on Early Child Development: Evidence from the French Elfe Cohort, Demography, 58(2), 419-450.

Bonnet C., Garbinti B., Solaz A. (2021), The Flip Side of Marital Specialization: The Gendered Effect of Divorce on Living Standard and Labor Supply, Journal of Population Economics, 34(2), 515-573.

Solaz A., Kreyenfeld M., Jalovaara M., Meggiolaro S., Mortelmans D., Pasteels I. 2020 "Unemployment and separation: Evidence from five European countries", Journal of Family Research Vol. 32, No. 1, 145–176, doi:10.20377/jfr-368.

Beaujouan, E. et Solaz A., 2019. "Is the Family Size of Parents and Children Still Related? Revisiting the Cross-Generational relationship over the Last Century", Demography. April 2019, Volume 56, Issue 2, pp 595–619.

Teaching activities, other functions, titles

Editor in chief of Population revue

Scientific supervisor of the research project Vieillir à deux (ANR)

Visiting scholar Cambridge University 2015-2016

Organizer of the conference of the European

Network for the sociological and demographic

Study of Divorce, 2014 Paris

Supervisor of the "Famille et Employeur" survey 2004-2005