Cécile Thomé

Post PhD
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Secretariat : Marie-Laure Trudel 33(0) 1 56 06 22 82

Research field(s)

Title: The relationship to the body and health
in the contraceptive choices of young women in
France according to social background
This post-doctoral project focuses on the
relationship to their bodies and their health
of young women (between 20 and 30 years old)
using a contraceptive method. Going beyond the
paradigm of contraceptive efficacy, it is a
question of seeing how taking into account the
different effects of contraceptive methods,
medical or not, on the body, health or even the
relationship with oneself can allow a better
understanding of their use by young women in
different social circles and the evolution that
it is currently undergoing, in connection with
the renewal in this generation of the
relationship to the body and health and with a
demand for more " natural "or, in any case,
less" hormonal ". It includes a quantitative
component (analysis of INED / Inserm surveys as
well as data collected online) and a
qualitative component (20 interviews with young
women from different social backgrounds).

Some publications

Reading committee review: Thomé Cécile and Rouzaud-Cornabas Mylène, "How not to have children? Contraception, invisibilised female work ", Sociological and anthropological research, n ° 48, 2017/2, p.117-137

Reading committee review: Le Guen Mireille, Roux Alexandra, Rouzaud- Cornabas Mylène, Fonquerne Leslie, Thomé Cécile and Ventola Cécile for the junior laboratory "Contraception et genre", "Fifty years of legal contraception in France: dissemination, medicalization, feminization", Population and Societies, n ° 549, November 2017.

Reading committee review: Thomé Cécile, "From an object of men to a responsibility of women. Between sexuality, health and gender, analyze the metamorphosis of the male condom ”, Contemporary Societies, n ° 104, 2016/4, p. 67-94.

Article in a collective: Mozziconacci Vanina and Thomé Cécile, "Thinking about sexuality to think about sex education. Body, condom use and conceptions of consent ", in What to incorporate means, Lille, Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, forthcoming.

Article in a collective: Thomé Cécile, "Making the silences speak. Conduct and analyze a biographical interview on sexuality ”, in The social sciences facing biographical profusion. Produce, collect and analyze speeches about oneself, Paris, Editions de l'EHESS, forthcoming.

Direction of work: GenERe (Anne-Charlotte Husson, Lucie Jégat, Marion Maudet, Lucy Michel, Vanina Mozziconacci, Laura Tatoueix, Cécile Thomé and Maxime Triquenaux dir.), Gender epistemologies. Crossing of disciplines, intersections of domination relationships, Lyon, ENS Éditions, 2018

Translation of work: Arlie R. Hochschild, The Price of Feelings. At the heart of emotional work, Paris, La Découverte, 2017 (translation of The Managed Heart (1983, 327 pages), with Salomé Fournet-Fayas).

Teaching activities, other functions, titles

- Since 2019: member of the Executive Committee
of the French Association of Sociology.
- Since 2017: member of the board of the
thematic network "Research in social sciences
on sexuality" (RT 28) of the French Association
of Sociology.
- Since 2017: responsible for writing the
review Lectures.
- Since autumn 2016: co-founder and member of
the Junior Laboratory "Contraception and
2015-2017: organization of the doctoral student
seminar at Iris, with Marion Maudet
- Since January 1, 2014: Co-direction of the
GenERe Junior Laboratory (Gender: Epistemology
& Research) within the ENS of Lyon: writing of
the file, budget management, coordination of
the 30 members around research and
dissemination activities research, scientific
and practical organization of study days,
conferences and workshops, management of social
networks. Link to Hypotheses notebook