Yasmine Tuffy

PHD Student
yasmine.tuffy@ined.fr Researcher website
Secretariat : Béatrice Ebor +33 (0)1 56 06 20 89

Research field(s)

PhD thesis: From stigmatisation to normalisation?
The social expérience of lesbien identities in France and Mexico.

Sociology PhD under the supervision of Dr Wilfried Rault (Ined,

Abstract: As
homosexualities are undergoing a process of relative “normalisation”,
this thesis aims to cast light upon the reconfiguration of inequalities
pertaining to lesbians. Starting from the experience persons self-
identifying as homosexual women and/or lesbians have of the social
treatment of homosexuality and how they react to it, it will thus
evidence the tensions and ambivalences processes of
destigmatisation entail.

My work relies upon a comparative approach and a mixed
methodology. I will indeed look into the social experience of lesbian
identities throughout different generations, within different spheres
of life (amicable, familial, professional, in public space), and in two
countries, France and Mexico. The empirical heart of this thesis is
based on biographical interviews led with lesbians, as well as focus
groups. Survey data is also used to triangulate qualitative data.

Teaching activities, other functions, titles

2019-2022: research assistant for Dr Anne Revillard's project (OSC,
LIEPP - Sciences Po) entitled "Quotas as a policy tool to fight gender
and disability inequalities" financed by Sciences Po's Scientific
Advisory Board.