Lidia Panico

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Research field(s)

My research interests focus on describing and explaining socio-economic inequalities in well being, with a focus on child outcomes and family processes. In particular, my research makes use of longitudinal methods and data, notably birth cohorts from the UK and France.

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Lidia Panico answers our questions on the British Millennium Cohort

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Some publications

Panico L, Stuart B, Bartley M, Kelly Y (2014) Asthma Trajectories in Early Childhood: Identifying Modifiable Factors. PLoS ONE 9(11): e111922.

Panico, L, Becares, L., and Webb, E. (2014) Exploring household dynamics: the reciprocal effects of parents and child’s characteristics. Longitudinal and Life Course Studies, 5(1): 42-55.

Panico, L and Nazroo, JY (2011). The social and economic circumstances of mixed ethnicity children in the UK: Findings from the Millennium Cohort Study. Ethnic and Racial Studies 34(9): 1421-1444.

Panico, L., Bartley, M., Kelly, Y; McMunn, A; Sacker, A (2010) Changes in family structure in early childhood. Population Trends 142: 78-92.

Kelly, Y., Panico, L., Bartley, M., Marmot, M., Nazroo, JY., Sacker, A. (2008). Why does birthweight vary among ethnic groups in the UK? Findings from the Millennium Cohort Study. Journal of Public Health 31 (1): 131-137.

Panico, L; Bartley, M; Marmot, M; Nazroo, JY; Sacker, A; and Kelly, YJ (2007) Ethnic variation in childhood asthma and wheezing illnesses: findings from the Millennium Cohort Study. International Journal of Epidemiology 36: 1093-1102.