Racialization in an Era of Mass Migration: Black Immigrants in Europe and the United States

le Mercredi 24 Avril 2019 à l’Ined, salle Sauvy, de 14h à 16h

Le séminaire "GLOBAL RACE" accueillera Nancy FONER (City University of New York)

Comparing Afro-Caribbean and African migrants and their children on the two sides of the Atlantic highlights how social, political, and demographic contexts and historical developments influence the nature and impact of racial boundaries and barriers --- and raises some intriguing questions. Why and in what ways are the racial barriers facing black migrants more severe in the United States than in Britain, France, and the Netherlands? At the same time, how has the history and presence of the large African American population provided black migrants and their descendants with certain advantages that they lack in Europe? Why do identity struggles of the second generation take different forms in the United States and Europe?

Les échanges auront lieu en anglais.

Pour des raisons d’accès au bâtiment, je vous rappelle que l’inscription est obligatoire et doit s’effectuer auprès de : juliette.galonnier @ ined.fr

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