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Assisted Reproductive Technologies in the Global South and North

2016, 204 pages

Editor : Routledge

Introduction Virginie Rozée Gomez and Sayeed Unisa

Part I: ART Regulation and Journey

1. Access to Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Latin America Fernando Zegers-Hochschild

2. Assisted reproductive technologies in Brazil: Public and private arrangements in the name of access and reproductive rights Marilena C. D. V. Corrêa

3. The gendered nature of infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technologies Sarojini N and Vrinda Marwah, Sama- Resource Group for Women and Health

4. A socio-anthropological reflection on infertility and assisted reproductive techniques in Algeria Aicha Benabed

5. Knowledge and Awareness of Men about Infertility and their Involvement in Fertility Treatment: Rural Men’s Voices from Andhra Pradesh India Sucharita Pujari and Sayeed Unisa

6. Reproductive roaming: the quest for children of African couples in France Véronique Duchesne

7. Egg freezing: Portraying a new reproductive technology in the Israeli media Daphna Birenbaum-Carmeli

Part II: Surrogacy: Realities and controversies

8. Surrogacy in India: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Duru Shah, Sabahat Rasool and Nagadeepti Nagarajan

9. Circumvention, Crisis and Confusion: Australians Crossing Borders for International Surrogacy Andrea Whittaker

10. Ethical aspects and legal problems when parents return home to Europe after cross border surrogacy Françoise Shenfield

11. "All one needs is a credit card." Transnational Surrogacy in India on weblogs and in documentaries Karen Madson Hvidtfeldt

12. Surrogacy in Context: the Ukraine and the United States Delphine Lance and Jennifer Merchant

13. Local Surrogacy in a Global Circuit: The Embodied Intimacies of Israeli Surrogacy Arrangements Elly Teman

14. From Manufacturing Clothes to Manufacturing Babies: Economic Precarity and Labor Options Among Surrogate Mothers in Bangalore, India Sharmila Rudrappa

Assisted Reproductive Technologies in the Global South and North critically analyses the political and social frameworks of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), and its impact in different countries. In the context of a worldwide social pressure to conceive – particularly for women – this collection explores the effect of the development of ARTs, growing globalisation and reproductive medicalization on global societies.

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