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Baby Boomers. A Mobile Generation

2011, 254 pages


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By Chris Phillipson

Introduction 1
The Arrival of the Baby Boomers

Urban Lives

Renting and Buying:
The Baby Boomers; Residential Trajectories

Neighbourhood and Locality

Professional Trajectories and the Transition to Retirement

Mobility and Ageing


The generation of people born immediately after the Second World War-the baby boomers-have witnessed major transformations in society as well as being at the vanguard of them. Many have challenged traditional attitudes in areas such as work and employment, and adopted new lifestyles driven by consumption and leisure. The baby boomers are a generation on the move, eager to reap the maximum benefits from consumer society, to travel and participate in leisure activities. Today, most of them have passed the midpoint of their lives. After having challenged and transformed many of the staging posts in the life course, how do the baby boomers reflect on their past experiences and what do they anticipate for their remaining years of life? This book addresses these questions by seeking out their residential and professional trajectories during their adult lives. Through the use of survey data and qualitative interviews with baby boomers living in London and Paris, the authors demonstrate the diversity of the boomer generation-most notably in terms of housing experiences but equally in areas such as work and consumption. The contrasting experiences within the two cities studied provide evidence that is at odds with the commonly accepted view that baby boomers are culturally dominant and have a monopoly of financial wealth. The findings demonstrate the contrasting experiences of the boomer generation in areas such as home ownership, family histories, jobs and careers, differences that also appear along gender and social class lines.

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