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Analysing China’s Population
Social Change in a New Demographic Era

Collection : Ined Population Studies

2014, 270 pages


n° ISBN 93319085456

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1 China’s Demography in a Changing Society: Old Problems and New Challenges Isabelle Attané and Baochang Gu

Part I China’s Low Fertility: Facts and Correlates

2 China’s Low Fertility: Evidence from the 2010 Census  Zhigang Guo and Baochang Gu

3 Changing Patterns of Marriage and Divorce in Today’s China  Jiehua Lu and Xiaofei Wang

4 Education in China: Uneven Progress  Qiang Ren and Ping Zhu

5 The Male Surplus in China’s Marriage Market: Review and Prospects  Shuzhuo Li, Quanbao Jiang and Marcus W. Feldman

6 Being a Woman in China Today: A Demography of Gender Isabelle Attané

Part II Modernization, Social Change and Social Segregation

7 Are China’s Minority Nationalities Still on the Margins? Dudley L. Poston and Qian Xiong

8 Demographic and Social Impact of Internal Migration in China Delia Davin

9 China’s Urbanization: A New “Leap Forward”?  Guixin Wang

10 Urban-Rural Housing Inequality in Transitional China  Yanjie Bian and Chuntian Lu

Part III Changing Age Structure, Labour Force and the Older Population

11 Mortality in China: Data Sources, Trends and Patterns Zhongwei Zhao, Wei Chen, Jiaying Zhao and Xianling Zhang

12 Dwindling Labour Supply in China: Scenarios for 2010–2060  Michele Bruni

13 The Economic Support System and Changing Age Structure in China Sang-Hyop Lee and Qiulin Chen

Based on China’s recently released 2010 population census data, this edited volume analyzes the most recent demographic trends in China, in the context of significant social and economic upheavals. The editor and the expert contributors describe the main features of China’s demography, and focus on the details of this latest phase of its demographic transition.

The book explores such striking characteristics of China’s demography as the changing age and sex population structure; recent trends in marriage and divorce; fertility trends with a focus on sex imbalance at birth; the demography of the ethnic minorities and recent mortality trends by sex.

Analysing China’s Population: Social Change in a New Demographic Era examines and assesses the impact of changes that in the coming decades will be crucial for individuals, and the larger society and economy of the nation.

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