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Domaine(s) de recherche

JL Rallu entered INED in 1977 and worked on fertility, family structures, family and household projections in France as well as other European countries and Japan. He developed fertility indexes by birth order and birth intervals (PATFR, PADTFR) with Laurent Toulemon. He started working on French overseas territories populations, including historical demography in the Pacific and also carried studies of road traffic accidents, ageing, family allowances and the pension system.

He worked for IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement) from 1992 to 1994, based at USP in Suva, Fiji where he started working on migration and development in the Pacific.

He worked for French Foreign Affairs as ‘advisor for research and universities' from 2000 to 2003, based at East West Center in Hawai'i where he developed collaboration between French overseas territories universities and research institutes and universities in the Pacific rim (UH, EWC, UCBerkely, Univ. of Okinawa…).

He worked for UNFPA from 2005 to 2008, as Population and Development advisor based at UNFPA Office for the Pacific in Fiji where he carried out regional analysis of population trends and development in relation to MDGs, analyzing poverty in Fiji (2003 HIES), urbanization, youth and female labour force issues from Kiribati 2005 census.
At INED, he has been working on migration, integration in the labour force in France, return migration to Southern Europe and Morocco, as well as migration and development in Asia Pacific, with special focus on naturalization and fertility of migrant populations in France and population trends, migration and MDGs in Asia Pacific.
He also collaborated with UNDP, ESCAP, EAPS, ANU, University of Waikato, UC Berkeley, NIPSSR (National Institute for Population and Social Security Research, Japan), NIDI,… He is member of the SRB of Demographic Research and IMISCOE.
Areas of expertise: Migration and development, MDGs Fertility, Family structures, Historical demography, East and South East Asia, South Pacific, French overseas department and territories,

Quelques publications

J.L. Rallu, 2008, Population, Migration and Development in Asia, with Special Emphasis on the South Pacific: The Impact of Migration on Population and the MDGs, in ESCAP, Expert Group Meeting on Migration and Development, ESCAP, Bangkok, Sept 2008.

J. L. Rallu, 2008, One-way or both-ways migration surveys, in International Migration in Europe: New Trends and New Methods of Analysis, C. Bonifazi, M. Okolski, J. Schoorl, P. Simon, eds., IMISCOE, Amsterdam Univ. Press, pp. 273-292.

J.L. Rallu, 2002, Ouverture, migration internationale et développement en Chine, in La Chine au seuil du XXIe siecle, questions de population, questions de societe, Attané, I. (ed.), INED-PUF, Paris, pp. 189-214.

J.L. Rallu, 2003, L'étude des migrations de retour : données de recensement, d'enquêtes et de fichiers, in Démographie : analyse et synthèse vol. IV, Les Déterminants de la migration, G. Caselli, J. Vallin et G. Wunsch eds., INED, Paris, pp. 199-209.

J.L. Rallu, 2007, Urban drift, urban growth, urban youth, Second Pacific Regional Workshop on Urban Management, ESCAP-Pacific Forum Secretariat, Nadi, 22-24 April 2007.

P.V. Kirch and J.L. Rallu eds., 2007, The Growth and Collapse of Pacific Island Societies: Archaeological and Demographic Perspectives, University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu, 390p..

J.L. Rallu, 1990, Les populations océaniennes aux XIXème et XXème siècles, préface de I. Pool, Travaux et Documents N° 128, INED, Paris, 343 p..

Activités d’enseignement, autres fonctions, titres

Membre du Comité de rédaction de Demographic Research, on-line journal du Max Planck Institute

Cours: Population and Development in the MDG Context, Interdisciplinary Course on UN MDGs, La Sapienza, Roma, 2009
Occasional Conference: Can Migration Help MDG Attainment? Asian Center, Graduate Institute, Geneva, May 2009
Course on international migration at 9th and 10th Summer School in Demography, Charles University of Prague-EAPS-Amsterdam University.