Abida Sabir

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Domaine(s) de recherche

Thèse en cours : Transnational Marriages. France-

Quelques publications

Zaman, M., Zakar, M.,Z., Sabir, A., Sabir, I., Zakar, R., & Arif, M. (2013). Exchange Marriage System, Traditional Gender Roles and Obscured Transformation in a Community of Pakistan: Interplay of structure Agency and Social Change. International Journal of Sociology of the Family, 39 (1-2), 26-47.

Sabir, I., Sabir, A. (2010). Academic Dependency of Intellectual Labor: The Case of Social Sciences in Pakistan. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, 5(6), 31-42.

Activités d’enseignement, autres fonctions, titres


"Transnational Marriages: Pursuit of Contextual
Choices" accepted for oral presentation at '3rd
international Conference of Asian Population
Association 27-30 July, 2015'. Kuala Lumpur,
"Nuptiality Patterns and Trends in Pakistan:
Descriptive Analysis at Regional Level"
accepted for poster presentation at '3rd
International Conference of Asian Population
Association 27-30 July, 2015'. Kuala Lumpur,
“Repudiating the Marriage: The case of Child
Marriages in Pakistan" oral presentation at
International Conference on Child Rights: 25
years of UNCRC and the State of Child Rights in
Pakistan' 19, November, 2014. Organized by
United Nations Child Rights Commission and
Department of Sociology, Quaid-e-Azam
University, Islamabad, Pakistan.
“Inter-generational Preferential Criteria for
Spouse Selection” Oral presentation at the
'10th International ESA conference 7-10
September, 2011: Social Relations in Turbulent
Times” at Geneva, Switzerland. Organized by
European Sociological Association.
“From Miss Fit to misfit: Between Convergence
and Divergence”. Oral presentation at the ‘2nd
International Conference 6-9 July, 2011:
Ethnographies of Gender and Conflict'.
Organized by LOVA Networks, Netherlands
Association for Gender Studies and Feminist

Research Promotion Activities:

Co-organizer of 'International Conference on
Youth Politics' at Department of Sociology,
Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan
(March, 2015).

Co-organizer of 'workshop for Doctoral
students', entitled 'Multi-site Ethnography' at
National Institute of Demographic Research,
France. (May, 2015).

Co-organizer of Summer School on 'Educational
migrant Youth' at the Department of Sociology
of family, youth and education, University of
Wuppertal, Germany (July, 2015).