Matthew Wallace

Post doctorant
Secrétariat : Ornella Makiese +33 (0)1 56 06 20 24

Quelques publications

Wallace, M. (2016). Adult mortality among the descendants of immigrants in England and Wales: does a migrant mortality advantage persist beyond the first generation? Journal of Ethnic & Migration Studies 42(9): 1558-1577.

Wallace, M., Kulu, H. (2015). Mortality among immigrants in England and Wales by major causes of death, 1971-2012: a longitudinal analysis of register-based data. Social Science & Medicine, 147: 209-221.

Wallace, M., Kulu, H. (2014). Low immigrant mortality in England and Wales: a data artefact? Social Science and Medicine, 120: 100-109.

Wallace, M., Kulu, H. (2014). Migration and Health in England and Scotland: a Study of Migrant Selectivity and Salmon Bias. Population, Space and Place, 20: 694-708.