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The INED website offers a wide range of resources for the general public. It includes information on the Institute, on research in progress, events and publications. The "All about population" section gives access to statistics produced or analysed by INED. It also presents population questions in an entertaining and informative way via animations, games and fact sheets especially designed for use in the classroom.

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General public

Web carrousel n°1 :

"Migrations and integration: perceptions are out of synch with reality [Video]" : CC alexmuellerdailyphoto

Web carrousel n°2 :

 "Marriage in France: rising thanks to same-sex couples" : © Amy Walters - Fotolia

Web carrousel n°3 :

"Why so few children in Europe?" : Ined

Web carrousel n°4 :

"Postcards tell us more about demographic concerns" : Ined 

Web carrousel n°5 :

"The environment impacts heavily on demography ": CC Blindranger


Topic file  "Residential mobility" : CC lanier

Just released : "The 2014 activity report " : Ined

"Are you a demographer" : © Ined - Opixido

"« Les filles, au travail , » an article by Valeria Solesin now available in French" : Ined - Colette Confortès


Research Professionals

Web carrousel n°1 :

"Still relatively low proportions of women in Africa-to-Europe migration": CC- JR_Paris

Web carrousel n°2 :

"Migration flows in France": CC CG94

Web carrousel n°3 :

"Fertility theory " : CC xoxoryan

Web carrousel n°4 :

"Demographic approaches to AIDS: INED publications listed on a single page" : © IRD Deliry Antheaume, Elisabeth

Web carrousel n°5 :

"Demography and the environment: short and long term impacts" : CC Blindranger


Focus "Residential mobility ":  CC lanier

"Tribute to Valeria Solesin ": INED - Colette Confortès


Top stories/for specialist

"In the press this week" : INED - Colette Confortès

"1939-1945. Une démographie dans la tourmente " : © AKG-Images

 "The Myanmar census counts 15% fewer people than excepted" : CC AX