INED has signed a partnership with Duke Global Health Institute in the US

In the wake of this development, we interviewed Anika Schenck-Fontaine, a PhD student from Duke who was hosted at INED from October 2016 to March 2017. Her purpose in coming was to collaborate on research and to further her training in longitudinal cohort data analysis. While at the Institute she worked with INED research Lidia Panico on two projects concerning the impact of family economic difficulties on children’s well-being.

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The world population and me

The Earth has more than 7 billion inhabitants... plus you. Find your place in the world’s population.


Migration and mortality in Burkina Faso

Drawing on longitudinal data, Bruno Lankoande ad Ali Sié, winners of the 2017 Young Author Prize of the journal Population, examine the possible role of migration in the mortality differential between urban and rural areas for inhabitants of Burkina Faso aged 15 to 74. Rural migration to the cities together with returns to the countryside may modify population composition in both places, making links between migration and health quite complex.

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