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Questions on the government plan to index family benefits on income

Modulating family benefits by income—a good idea or one that undermines the universality principle? For INED researcher Olivier Thévenon, this measure seems preferable to reducing aid to pay childcare costs, which plays a key role in furthering women’s employment and improving family living standards.

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The world population and me

The Earth has more than 7 billion inhabitants... plus you. Find your place in the world’s population.


Masculinization of births in Eastern Europe

Sex-selective abortion is not specific to Asia. Christophe Guilmoto and Géraldine Duthé explain why European countries in the Western Balkans and Southern Caucasus are affected too. Although the problem was described for the first time more than ten years ago, it is only now that the authorities in these countries and in Europe are starting to show concern.

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