Our Researchers’ Latest Publications

From 11th to 17th March 2019

Brouard NicolasTheory and applications of backward probabilities and prevalences in cross-longitudinal surveys
A. S. R. S. Rao & C. R. Rao (Éds.), Handbook of Statistics. Integrated population biology and modeling, Part B (Vol. 40, p. 435‑486). Pays-Bas

Pailhé ArianeCongé paternité : quel effet sur la répartition du travail domestique et parental ?
Réalités Familiales, (124‑125), p.47‑48.

Pison Gilles,  Why is French life expectancy increasing more slowly?
Population & Societies, (564)

Pison Gilles,  Which countries have the most immigrants?
The Conversation 

Pison Gilles,¿En qué lugar del mundo hay más inmigrantes?
The Conversation

Stranges Manuela, & Wolff, François-Charles, Does entrance with family influence the way minors leave a refugee centre ? (Working paper series n°3)  Rende, Italie: Università della Calabria

From 4th to 10th March 2019

Pison GillesThe number and proportion of immigrants in the population: International comparisons
Population & Societies, n563, February, 2019 

From 25th February to 2nd March, 2019

Pampel Fred, Khlat Myriam, Bricard, Damien, & Legleye Stéphane, Smoking among Immigrant Groups in the United States: Prevalence, Education Gradients, and Male-to-Female Ratios
Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 13 February 2019

From 18th to 24th February 2019

Ferrari  Giulia, Bonnet Carole & Solaz AnneWill the one who keeps the children keep the house?’ Residential mobility after divorce by parenthood status and custody arrangements in France.
Demographic Research, vol.  40,  art. 14, 22 February 2019, p.359‑394. 

Séguy IsabelleCurrent Trends in Roman Demography and Empirical Approaches to the Dynamics of the Limes Population
P. Verhagen, J. Joyce, & M. R. Groenhuijzen (Éds.), Finding the Limits of the Limes. Modelling Demography, Economy and Transport on the Edge of the Roman Empire (p. 23‑41). Cham, Suisse: Springer

From 11th to 17th February 2019

BONNET, Carole, & RAPOPORT, Benoît, 2019. Is There a Child Penalty in Pensions? The Role of Caregiver Credits in the French Retirement System. European Journal of Population, 1‑26

DIETRICH-RAGON, Pascale, 2019. Sauvé par les sciences humaines. Agora Débats/Jeunesses. 14 février 2019. Vol. 81, n° 1, p. 59‑78

BOURDIEU, Jérôme, KESZTENBAUM, Lionel, POSTEL-VINAY, Gilles et SUWA-EISENMANN, Akiko, 2019. Intergenerational wealth mobility in France : 19th and 20th century.
Review of Income and Wealth
, 1 mars 2019. Vol. 65, n° 1, p. 21‑47

PISON, Gilles, 2019. Atlas de la population mondiale. Paris, France : Editions Autrement.
Atlas Monde. ISBN 978-2-7467-5102-6.

CHARLES, Loïc et THÉRÉ, Christine, 2019. The Physiocratic Movement : A Revision.
KAPLAN, Steven L. et REINERT, Sophus A. (éds.), The Economic Turn. Recasting Political Economy in Enlightenment Europe. Londres/New York, Royaume-Uni : Anthem Press. p. 35‑70.


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