Our Researchers’ Latest Publications

From 13th to 19th May, 2019

Arlette Simo Fotso, Géraldine Duthé, & Clifford O. Odimegwu, A Comparative Analysis of Disability Measures in Cameroonian Surveys
(Documents de travail n°249), avril 2019 (31 p.) Paris : Ined , 2019

Lidia Panico, Melanie Bartley, Yvonne J. Kelly et al., Family structure trajectories and early child health in the UK: Pathways to Health
Social Science & Medicine n°232, July 2019, p.220-229

Arnaud Régnier-LoilierBeing together, living apart: A more frequent arrangement after a separation
Population and Societies n°566, May 2019, 4 p.

From 6th to 12th May 2019

Carlo Giovanni Camarda, Hoang Khanh Linh Dang, France Meslé, Jean-Marie Robine & Jacques VallinPremature claim of a plateau of human mortality: the role of sample size
Science, vol. 360, n°6396, 29 June 2018
[En réponse à The plateau of human mortality: Demography of longevity pioneers / Elisabetta Barbi, Francesco Lagona, Marco Marsili, James W. Vaupel, Kenneth W. Wachter]

Wilfried RaultIs the Civil Solidarity Pact the Future of Marriage? The Several Meanings of the French Civil Union
International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family, vol. 33 n°2, p.1‑21, 2019


From 29th of April to 5th of May, 2019

Carole Bonnet, Sandrine Juin, Anne Laferrère, Private financing of long-term care: income, savings and reverse mortgages
Créteil / Champs-sur-Marne: Université Paris-Est / Laboratoire ERUDITE, Documents de travail n°14

Emilie Counil, Emmanuel Henry, Is It Time to Rethink the Way We Assess the Burden of Work-Related Cancer?
Current Epidemiology Reports

Giulia Ferrari, Ross Macmillan, Until work do us part: Labour migration and occupational stratification in non-cohabiting marriage
Population Studies

Jenny Garcia, José Manuel Aburto, The impact of violence on Venezuelan life expectancy and lifespan inequality
International Journal of Epidemiology

Semaine du 22 au 28 avril 2019

Alain Blum and Emilia Koustova, 2018, Negotiating Lives, Redefining Repressive Policies: Managing the Legacies of Stalinist Deportations
Kritika : Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History, 19(3), 537‑571

From 15th to 21st April 2019

Attané Isabelle,  Eklund Lisa, Zhang Qunlin, Merli Giovanna, Bozon Michel, Angeloff Tania, Yang Bo, Li Shuzhuo, Pairault Thierry, Wang Su, Yang Xueyan, Understanding Bachelorhood in Poverty-stricken and High Sex Ratio Settings: An Exploratory Study in Rural Shaanxi, China
The China Quarterly, 11 avril 2019. p. 1‑28. 

Glei Dana, Barbieri Magali, Santamaria-Ulloa Carolina , Costa Rican mortality 1950‒2013: An evaluation of data quality and trends compared with other countries 
Demographic Research, 9 avril 2019. Vol. 40, n° 29, p. 835‑864. 

Cahen Fabrice, Ann-Katrin Gembries, Theresia Theuke, Isabel Heinemann (ed.), Children by Choice? Changing Values, Reproduction, and Family Planning in the 20th Century, Berlin (De Gruyter Oldenbourg) 2018
Francia recensio, n°1

Cambois Emmanuelle, Différences de genre au vieillissement en bonne santé. Une imbrication des dynamiques démographiques, des parcours de vie et des politiques publiques
Questions de santé publique, avril 2019. n° 36

Brunel Mathieu et Carrère AmélieLa perte d’autonomie des personnes âgées à domicile. Quelles disparités entre départements ?
Les Dossiers de la DREES, avril 2019. n° 34


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