Research Practises

See INED’s Charter for Open Science for further details on INED’s commitments in this area. 

Open access to INED research publications in its open archive, ArchIned 

ArchIned references all publications of the INED research community. Authors are encouraged to transmit and share within legal limits the full text of their publications and the associated data.

Training and informing the scientific community

The scientific community’s appropriation of open science principles and practices is not enough in and of itself to ensure the success of open science policy. The Mission de Science Ouverte or MISO is in charge of implementing useful measures for training and informing researchers on data, code, and publication sharing. 

Career recognition of scientific knowledge-sharing efforts 

INED has adhered to and applies the principles of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA). Assessment criteria are transparent and published on the INED website. 

Candidate applications are assessed for the quality of the applicant’s scientific contributions, instrument design and development, sharing of those instruments (data, codes, and other components), as well as research experience diversity (training, expertise, popularization skills, etc.). 

Sharing codes and data

INED guides researchers in using methods that facilitate replicability or reproducibility (Markdown, Gitlab and other code-sharing tools).