Evaluation Committee

To evaluate its researchers, INED has an Evaluation Committee made up of an equal number of external and internal experts. The Committee also plays an active role in recruitment and promotion.

In accordance with current regulations, the commission will be composed of

—six scientific experts from outside the Institute, to be appointed by the Director after approval by the Board of Administration;

—six Institute researcher representatives, to be elected by their INED colleagues.

The six staff representatives on the evaluation commission were elected on October 17, 2017.

The complete new member list will be posted on this page following the Board of Administration meeting, December 13, 2017.

Were elected :

  • M. Fabrice CAHEN, chargé de recherche
  • Mme Emmanuelle CAMBOIS, directrice de recherche
  • Mme Anne LAMBERT, chargée de recherche
  • Mme France MESLE, directrice de recherche
  • Mme Delphine REMILLON, chargée de recherche
  • M. Laurent TOULEMON, directeur de recherche